Submit Art




Use a High Resolution Image

– At least 300 Dots per Inch – Standard with iPhone
– Approximately 3 to 5 MB size file
– Make sure your art is cropped square


Take Advantage of These Resources

– “How to take a high quality photo of your art” Video
– Will Kemp’s Instructions for How to take the Highest Quality Photo


How to Name Your File

When naming your file, please spell out the state, city, first and last names OR state, city, first name, last initial. For STUDENTS, please use each student’s name for their art.


Here is how your file name should look:
OR State_City_STUDENTFirstname_Lastinitial


OR Texas_Dallas_Michael_S.


If you or a student have more than one artwork, label the art with the name and add a number.


Example: Texas_Dallas_Doe_Jane2 
OR Texas_Dallas_Jane_D.



29 Pieces has the right to exclude submissions from the online gallery based on the overall image quality, such as blurry or unfocused photos, failure to meet content specifications, such as artwork that is not based on the LOVE lesson, the overall quality of the artwork, or concerns regarding copyright infringement.

If you are under 18 have a parent, teacher or guardian submit your art.


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